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Loan Programs

  • Investor Only - non-owner occupied

  • Flexible Terms - 3 months to 2 years

  • Fixed Rates - depending on loan to value (LTV) up to 80% as-is value, 100% of rehab costs

  • Vacant Land / Constructions Loans

  • Commercial / Fix & Flip Loans

  • Trust Deed Investing -

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645b: A licensed Nevada private money Mortgage Broker

  • No Credit Required

  • No Tax Returns Required

  • No Jumping Through Hoops

  • No Income Verification

  • No Pay Stubs

  • No Up-Front Fees or Junk Fees

Over 25 Years Of Combined Professional Experience In Private Money/Hard Money And 
Real Estate Sales In 

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Some Transactions We've Recently Closed


Question: Why Use 5th Bridge Funding LLC for your next Fix & Flip or Non-Owner Occupied Investment?

Equity Partnerships

Many Equity Partners/ Hedgefunds will take deep cuts into your profits or want ownership in your dreams.

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Conventional Lenders- VA,FHA,FANNIE & FREDDIE MAC

Guidelines are too restrictive and move even slower on investment properties.


As a "Fix & Flip" investor, you need liquidity and definitely don't want to tie up all your funds in a single property.

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Commercial Lenders (Banks)

Banks have tightened their wallets and move slowly and easily forget relationships.

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5th Bridge Funding LLC is a Nevada private money/hard money company

Reasonable rates and terms with  a common sense approach. Quick turnaround time and funding terms within days of application.


What Our Clients and Partners Say About Us

 "I have known and worked with Steve for over 13 years.  Most recently I am investing both my Self Directed IRA  and personal money to fund a hard money loan through Steve’s company.  I trust in Steve’s due diligence in researching the borrower. And having a good borrower who pays back the loan, is a win for all parties.   The interest rates for hard money loans is hard to beat.  As I approach retirement, hard money lending has been a great way to increase my nest egg."

Susan O’Connor, CISP
First Savings Bank


5th Bridge Funding, Real Investors Doing Real-Estate Deals In Today's Market...


8840 S. Maryland parkway suite 110B
Las Vegas, Nevada 89123

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