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"Great Scott" Other 55+ Rehab

Estimated Closing Date: 12/17/2021 Property Address: Scotts Valley Dr. Henderson, NV 89052 (Sun City Anthem)

Parcel Size: 7,405 sqft Residential / Building Area: 1,917 sq ft 2 Bed & 2 Bath - 55+ Community Year Built: 2000

Useful Information: Fixer-upper and will need a completely new kitchen. Bidders had to have Highest and Best on the property. Property has amazing City Views. This is a complete remodel. Borrowers repair estimate at approximately ($64,000.00) of which $4k is miscellaneous

Loan Amount: $368,000.00 Approximate Value: $460,000 purchase contract Loan to Value: 80% based on purchase price ARV: $460,000 Loan Term: 12 Months – 3-month interest Guaranteed Payments: Interest Only Payments Property Zoning: Single Family Home Exit Strategy: Sale Use of Funds: Fix and Flips

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