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Finishing a New Home Build on Mount Charleston

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Estimated Closing Date: 10/12/2021 Property Address: Crestview Drive, Las Vegas 89124 Parcel Size: .28 Acres Residential / Building Area: 4 Bedroom & 5 Full Bathrooms 5,000 sqft Single story home with 3 car garage. Year Built: 2021 Property Information: Borrower needs the fund to complete building the garage, patio, and wall of a custom home in Mount Charleston. Loan Amount: $200,000.00 Approximate Value: $2,000,000 new build Loan to Value: 6.00% based on estimate cost ARV: $2,000,000 Loan Term: 12 Months – 3-month interest Guaranteed Payments: Interest Only Payments Property Zoning: Single Family Home Exit Strategy: Borrower will either refinance or sell the house once construction is completed. Use of Funds: Finish building project.

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